Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Mankind vs tree monster


1.tree monster

                                         1.Tree monster

Once there was a big and tall tree monster who lived in the forest  in a deep deep cave that is very dark and has lots of bats and wetas. People say that the tree monster lives but no one believes that it is true. Whenever new people come to the city the people always tell the visitors about a living tree monster in the forest in a deep deep cave that is pitch black. To prove that the tree monster is real you would need to bring a torch. But it can do something very special and no one  knows what the secret is.

Every night people thought that the tree monster was real. And some people didn’t care so one day a little boy went roaming in the night and got lost. And thought there was something behind the boy but it was only trees. Up came the tree monster behind the boy and grabbed his arm.  The boy tried to yell for help but it was useless and as fast as the tree monster could gobble gobble there was nothing left except his shoe.  The next day the boy’s parents were  worried about the boy.  The parents called jeff the numbers were 111  jeff came as fast as he could.  The parents told all they knew.  Jeff  knew what he had to do.


Jeff called all the investigators and they searched the whole town and the boy was nowhere to be found. The parents were crying but the investigator knew one person that might be able to help. People say he is very wise. Jeff went to his house and the wise person told him that a tree monster is still alive in a deep deep
cave. In the forest he told jeff to bring a torch because it is pitch black   

The tree monster found out that jeff knows that he could  camouflage and the tree monster  ran away before jeff could  find the tree monster. The tree monster hid in a big forest but jeff knew all about the tree monster. He goes to the biggest forest in the world when people go to find the tree monster and that's where jeff went. It was very difficult because there was tree’s surrounding jeff and other tree’s surrounding those  tree’s and on and on. Jeff was shooting every tree he could and then reloaded jeff kept on shooting he only had one bullet left and one tree left jeff shot the last tree falling of the tree the tree monster was dead and jeff has finished his case.


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

My Special Place



                                                      Skate park by Charlie
3.grinding pole
My special place is somewhere you scooter and do tricks and jump up and  down inside bowls. The hardest thing is a death drop when you're going down the bowl  because you could sprain your arm or leg. It is a very dangerous trick.

I always bring my scooter because if you don’t you have nothing to do there except for playing on the playground which is kind of fun but not  as much fun as scootering. My scooter has neon chrome bars and has color chrome deck and it is a vx6 team.

The grinding pole is a very dangerous thing because when you grind on it you have to balance your scooter. I know how to grind on it because I have have been practicing for 5 months, The main thing about the grinding pole is balancing the scooter while you’re, grinding.

The half pipe is a ramp but 2 ramps connected or 3 it depends how many  you wan.t I always like scootering on it and it’s one of my favorite things to scooter on.    One trick I do is bars spin. A bars spin is when you jump and spin your bars around it is one of my favorite tricks when I scooter

Writing Reflection

visual art #2

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Facts about me 2017

1. A fact about me is that I love playing rugby,basketball,cricket and soccer with my family.

2.  A fact about me is I love gaming with my brothers

3.A fact about me is  I like learning new things about history.

 4.A fact about me is I like expressing myself in art.